Gloucester Waterways Museum

October Half term decided to take my son to Gloucester Waterways Museum .Although I had seen it there every time I walked around the Docks I had never actually been inside .Gloucester is UK’s most inland port ,building of the Docks started in 1790 & in 1827 the canal was finished making it easier to transport things like grain without having to rely on the River Severn and its difficulty to navigate .The Waterways museum was a case of It’s there -we live in Gloucester -I can go anytime I want ,so I’d never made the effort before.Today gave me the opportunity .It was a dull October day & we had a few hours on our hands.It was quite reasonably priced to go in and quite busy.It is based in an old Grade II Victorian warehouse on 3 levels.The building itself feels full of history & inside had some displays covering all aspects of canal& river life.The ecology display featured the animal /plant life found near water.There was display about how the canals were dug out by Navvies using little more than spades & trucks.It was long before there were the machines that would do the job these days and looked like a very hard way of earning a living & dangerous .There was ‘Roses and Castles ‘ gallery to exhibit the art work of the canal narrow boats.You could dress up like one of the narrow boat families and see what cramped conditions whole families lived in as they worked the canals My son had fun playing on the ropes and pulleys ,demonstrating how it made it easier to unload sacks from the boats, with these. Outside a volunteer was running a coal fired steam crane which he let Tommy pull the chain of to blast out the whistle noise .He said you could hear it at Gloucester Cross and I believe him !There were boats to see and climb into & you could go on a boat trip up the canal but weve done that before.A massive engine of some sort was clanking away on the ground floor all adding to the atmosphere.We had a fantastic time there.I put a review on Trip advisor .It was run mostly by dedicated volunteers who all spoke to us and very friendly & enthusiastic .I think they deserve some credit.

playing at loading cargo using pulleys Gloucester Waterways Museum


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married mum to four (aged from almost 30 to 5 years of age)makes cupcakes ,gardens ,visits National Trust properties for pleasure & knows a bit about astronomy !
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